Dollars and Sense

Dollars and Sense

Wether you’re a small independent property or a large resort, hotel photography is pivotal in the financial success of the enterprise. Unless your marketing team has the resources to show potential guests, all of the financial investment and effort is not being converted into revenue at its highest potential. Adjust the sliders to see how this could play out at your property.

Return On Investment

Given all the variables, the percentage that having great photography of your property can increase sales, will differ for every property. We do know that a brand has quoted 3+% increase in sales based on a study they conducted and a client of ours quoted a 25% increase from the day our images went live on their website ( this was a property that re-photographed without renovation-so this based solely on new photography). Furthermore, we know that some of our clients have taken distressed properties and turned them around in record time utilizing our photography. But lets just do some simple math that any property can plug their own numbers into, to come up with the value of additional rooms sold. Take your ADR and multiply it by 365. Then multiply that by 5 years, which is the average lifespan of a hospitality photograph. Let’s take an average (US) ADR number of $133 for the calculation in this example: $133 x 365 x 5 =$242,725. 00, which represents the value of each additional room sold. If that property has 150 keys and they increase their sales by 3% it totals to an ROI of $1,092,262.50 increased revenue over the life of the images. Ask us for a proposal for your photography then compare that to conservative sales increase percentages and you’ll see that having outstanding photography pays for itself quickly and results in significant profit over the course its lifetime.

Make every Marketing Dollar work harder

On top of the calculations for rooms sold, having superior photography for your property not only sells rooms but also helps your sales team seal the deals for meetings and draws guests to the bar and restaurant. Every penny you pay for advertising becomes more effective and increasing your perceived value makes it possible to raise your ADR. Having professionally produced photography that draws on experience and industry insight does more that create a pretty website, it allows you to convert your investment into a property into revenue and it does this at an average cost of $.02 per room sold.